Tuesday, June 22, 2010

portraits :: a sampling

A little about the portraits:  These are quick studies .. no more than a half hour.

I have always loved the landscape of the human face, but my recent work is also about capturing energies.
In preparation, I set out an intent to draw the energy that comes into my emotional/mental field, and I allow my hand and the organic materials of graphite and charcoal to absorb all of what comes forth.
Often, it is like meeting an old friend.  I sometimes hear a bit of story as I draw,
and I simply love the energy as it reveals itself to me.

I often place a little heart in the image because that is what connects us during the process.
This is a small sampling.   Nearly 100 images 'came' in a period of a few weeks.

A youthful likeness of my father who passed in 1966.

self portrait, capturing my energy that day ..
ragged, watchful, intentful